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The Tracker Module, a key governance tool, gives you direct access to daily asset and liability information, which our consultants themselves use to advise you on your funding position.


Key Functions and Benefits

Daily information

Tracker provides you with daily asset and liability information needed as the basis for managing your pension scheme effectively.

Customisable and flexible

Tracker is customisable and highly flexible, allowing it to reflect the circumstances of your pension arrangements and the specific needs of the Trustees or Corporate Sponsor.

Funding plan

As Trustees or Corporate Sponsors, you can map the funding position of your pension scheme against your target funding plan using Tracker.

Track assets

Tracker allows you to monitor assets using your schemes’ specific asset allocation, investment manager benchmarks and benefit/contribution/expense cashflows.

View assumptions

Tracker enables you to see the assumptions underlying your liability measures on a daily basis and understand how they change over time.

Perform daily valuations

At its most powerful, Tracker can perform daily valuations of your pension scheme’s liabilities using very detailed cashflows derived from individual member data.

Track cashflow-specific liabilities

At an intermediate level, Tracker can be configured to track your liabilities based on the characteristics of an existing set of cashflows for your scheme.

Track liabilities based on a variety of factors

At its simplest, Tracker can be configured to track liabilities based on the valuation balance sheet, duration and inflation sensitivities of your scheme.

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