Inform. Monitor. Report.

The Risk Module allows you, in an intuitive and easy way, to identify and manage the key financial and demographic risks within your scheme and to improve your overall portfolio efficiency.


Key Functions and Benefits

Monitor your risks

The Risk Module is an effective governance tool which provides you with key risk management information in order to gain a better understanding of the risks and expected rewards from your strategy. It allows you to effectively monitor your risk management plan through time.

Inform your risk management decisions

Risk helps prompt, support or challenge potential changes in strategy with robust and straightforward metrics. This can be powerful especially when partnered with the Triggers Module as part of a dynamic de-risking plan, where Triggers can flag de-risking opportunities and Risk can be used to assess the likely impact, thus speeding-up decision making.

Robust models and deep insight

Risk’s robust modelling, built on Willis Towers Watson’s sophisticated Economic Scenario Generator, gives you access to our latest economic thinking. It consistently captures the interactions of the economic drivers of risk across both the asset and liability sides of the balance sheet.

Report and compare

Risk’s flexible reporting features enable you to assess and document progress against your risk management plan over a given period and attribute the drivers for change. Compare how your results would differ under different economic assumptions or different strategies.

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