Project. Compare. Explore.

The Projections Module allows you to determine whether your funding plan is on track and explore the impact of varying contribution patterns and asset returns, making it invaluable during valuation or journey planning discussions.


Key Functions and Benefits

Grasp future scheme progression

Projections provides the opportunity for you to understand how the financial position of your scheme might develop in the future.


Projections enables you to compare your financial position to scheme-specific funding targets.


Projections helps you to consider the impact of adding or removing contributions during the projection period.


The Projections Module investigates the link between your scheme’s funding targets and the future rate of return needed from your assets.

Clear and variable

Projection’s clear presentation as well as the ability to vary key parameters and see the impact immediately, is helpful when used during valuation or journey planning discussions.

Set recovery plans

You can use the Projections Module to set a recovery plan, allowing for variations in contributions and asset returns.


Projections allows you to monitor recovery plan adequacy in preparation for funding discussions, arming you with the information you need for scheme funding negotiations.


Understand the implications of investment strategy changes for your future financial position and required level of contributions, allowing you to make more informed decisions.

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