Willis Towers Watson has a wide and diverse client base, with pension schemes ranging in size from a few million to tens of billions of pounds.

We are proud to partner with hundreds of companies including Balfour Beatty, DHL, Lloyds Banking Group, RELX Group, Sony Music UK and Tesco.

      • Tesco Pension Trustees Limited

Our clients are currently using Asset Liability Suite across a wide range of areas including:

To produce management information for both Trustees and Corporate Sponsors, in a dynamic and cost-effective manner.
Budgeting and financial accounting
To easily produce content for corporate budgeting and monitor their accounting position at any given time.
Stakeholder management
To help manage discussions about cost and risk, illustrating the impact of different market conditions and de-risking strategies.
Strategic de-risking
To develop scheme-specific de-risking plans, including both investment and settlement options.
De-risking implementation
To monitor de-risking plans, including continually assessing the attractiveness of bulk annuity transactions.
Funding strategy
To help develop recovery plans that meet the objectives of both Trustees and Corporate Sponsors.
Journey planning
To support strategic asset allocation decisions by modelling where they are heading, what they can do about it and what the risks are.
Easily access information
To monitor and manage their pension scheme and make informed decisions on multiple devices.

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