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The Modeller Module allows you to perform deep, interactive, asset liability modelling in order to support your strategic planning and asset allocation decisions.


Key Functions and Benefits

Flexible analytics

Modeller provides sophisticated and flexible analytics for analysing risk, journey planning and supporting portfolio construction in order to support decision making.

Generate realistic distributions

Modeller is powered by Willis Towers Watson’s sophisticated Economic Scenario Generator which generates realistic distributions of economic quantities and projected asset returns, capturing long- and short-term risks, extreme risks and tail events.


The key feature of Modeller is its ability to project assets and liabilities over many years under a range of economic scenarios, enabling the projection of a range of outcomes and an assessment of their probability.

Flexible inputs

Flexible user-defined inputs (multiple bases, economic models, asset allocations and contribution schedules) and outputs (including a full range of statistics on funding level, deficit, asset returns and many more) mean the tool is extremely versatile in its uses.

Journey planning

Modeller enables you to determine where your scheme is heading and what you can do about it. Determine what the chances are that you will meet your objectives under your current strategy or an alternative.


You can use Modeller to find out how robust your portfolio is, to changes in contributions, changes in economic assumptions and economic shocks?

Portfolio construction

Modeller helps you determine the risk and return trade-offs you need to consider when constructing our portfolio.

Make decisions with confidence

Sophisticated liability modelling, combined with realistic and market-consistent economic projections, capture extreme risks allowing you to use the results from Modeller to change your strategic direction with confidence.

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