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Asset Liability Suite is a powerful, reliable, modular, web-based software platform designed to support your planning, monitoring, reporting and decision-making needs as a Corporate Sponsor, Trustee or Investment Specialist.

Corporate Sponsors
As a Corporate Sponsor, you can use Asset Liability Suite for risk planning and management, funding and accounting purposes, as well as to support engagement with key stakeholders. Asset Liability Suite provides up-to-date asset, liability and risk information on a daily basis.
As a Trustee, you can use Asset Liability Suite to access the key funding and risk information needed to manage your defined benefit pension assets and liabilities in real-time. In addition, Asset Liability Suite can be used regularly to support ongoing governance and integrated risk management reporting.
Investment Specialists
As an Investment Specialist, you can use Asset Liability Suite to formulate your investment strategy, track journey plans, identify risk management opportunities in real-time as well as couple your pension fund tracking with your risk modelling and monitoring.

Asset Liability Suite: Willis Towers Watson’s defined benefit pension fund management software

Whether you are a Trustee, Corporate Sponsor or Investment Specialist, you are likely to be facing increasing pressure to control the risks and costs of your DB pension arrangements. This is where Asset Liability Suite comes in, as it can provide you with the management information tools required to help you achieve your aims in running your defined benefit (DB) pension scheme efficiently.

Whilst the increased access to management information that Asset Liability Suite provides can be transformational for pension governance, it becomes even more powerful when integrated with the expert interpretation, processes and advice from Willis Towers Watson’s dedicated consulting teams.


Asset Liability Suite Modules

Tracker Module
The Tracker Module, a key governance tool, gives you direct access to daily asset and liability information, which our consultants themselves use to advise you on your funding position.
Risk Module
The Risk Module allows you, in an intuitive and easy way, to identify and manage the key financial and demographic risks within your scheme and to improve your overall portfolio efficiency.
Projections Module
The Projections Module allows you to determine whether your funding plan is on track and explore the impact of varying contribution patterns and asset returns, making it invaluable during valuation or journey planning discussions.
Accounting Module
The Accounting Module (Channel) gives you direct access to your key balance sheet and profit and loss figures with its powerful corporate governance and budgeting capabilities. It also combines results for schemes around the world, allows you to model future scenarios and includes on-demand disclosures.
Bulk Annuity Module
The Bulk Annuity Module monitors the affordability and attractiveness of a bulk annuity transaction for your scheme, using live pricing information provided by the leading insurers, allowing you to quickly identify opportunities to reduce risk.
Triggers Module
The Triggers Module is a must-have for when you need to make dynamic market-based decisions, helping you ensure that strategic opportunities are not missed.
What-if Module
The What-if Module helps you understand, interactively, the sensitivity of your assets and liabilities to changes in market movements, assumptions and scheme membership.
Modeller Module
The Modeller Module allows you to perform deep, interactive, asset liability modelling in order to support your strategic planning and asset allocation decisions.

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